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Help Filling Out Your
501(c)(3) Application



This website, posted as a public service by Sandy Deja, author of
"Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application", is designed to help
new non-profit organizations complete the Application for Exempt
Status Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Looking for information about the new Form 1023-EZ?
Visit Sandy Deja's 1023-EZ FAQ at 501c3book.org 

News affecting 501(c)(3) Applications

Form 1023-EZ Now Available!
The new form is only two and a half pages long.  The IRS estimates
that 70% of 501(c)(3) applicants will be eligible to use this "Streamlined"
form.  Size, history, activities and foundation status can all make an
organization ineligible.  

Eligible applicants check boxes to certify that they are eligible to
file the form, and that they have met the organizational, operational
and public support tests.  There is no requirement to submit financial
data or organizing documents.  Instead of describing their activities,
applicants choose a code from an activity list in the 1023-EZ's instructions.
As of  November, 2014, the IRS had not posted Frequently Asked
Questions about Form 1023-EZ.  Visit 501c3book.org for over 30 FAQs
prepared by Sandy Deja. 

"New" Form 1023 Application Form
The Form 1023 currently available on IRS.gov shows a revision
date of 12/5/2013.  Form 1023 has not, however, been revised.  
The only change to the form is a notice about the "interactive"
501(c)(3) application now available at StayExempt.irs.gov.
New Interactive 501(c)(3) Application Form
The "interactive" 501(c)(3) application is now available for use, at
After asking a few preliminary qestions, the interactive form walks you
through the 501(c)(3) application, allowing you to look up information
and prepare attachments that are an integral part of the form.  The form
cannot be filed "on line;" you must still print it, add your supporting docu-
ments, and file in the usual way.  There is no fee discount for using the
"interactive" Form 1023.
Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application revised for 2014
Sandy Deja's ebook, Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application, has just been
revised for 2014.  Links, statistics, and the list of 1023's on the Internet have
been updated.  New material includes new procedures for folks who are filing
to have their status reinstated after Automatic Revocation, and details on how to
use the Interactive Form 1023
IRS User Fee Changes for 2014
The IRS has just released Revenue Procedure 2012-8, which provides details
about IRS User Fees. Most fees for exemption applications remain the same:
- $400 for applicants whose gross receipts average $10,000 or less
- $850 for applicants whose gross receipts average more than $10,000
- $3,000 for group exemptions
- The $100 for small organizations seeking reinstatement after automatic
revocation is no longer available.
- $400 for new Form 1023-EZ.
New Form 8940
The IRS has introduced a new form for use by exempt organizations.
Form 8940 provides a way to apply for nine different EO-related rulings
that previously required a letter application. A timely application for
"Exemption from Form 990 filing requirements," or "Reclassification of
foundation status," might help some organizations avoid automatic revocation
in the future. Since January, 2011, these two types of rulings have required a
User Fee of $400.
Did You Receive IRS Notice CP120A?
The picture is not quite as bleak as this notice makes it sound.  Although
your organization's status has been revoked, and you will have to re-apply
if you want reinstatement, new procedures issued at the beginning of 2014
make it easier for small organizations to have their status reinstated. 
Automatic Revocation List
As of November, 2014, the IRS had revoked the tax exempt status of more
than 584,000 non-profit organizations because they had failed to file required
annual returns.  Don't be one of them!  File your annual return!

Corrected Mailing Address
On December 2, 2008, the IRS announced a new mailing address for filing
Forms 1023, 1024, 8718 and 8734:
Internal Revenue Service
P. O. Box 12192
Covington, KY 41012-0192
Advance Rulings Eliminated!
The IRS has eliminated the advance ruling process described in Part X
of Form 1023. The IRS will process exemption applications submitted
before the new regulations under the new rules, and will revise application
forms and instructions to incorporate the new requirements. For additional
details, visit the charities page of the IRS website at

New Filing Requirement for Small Organizations
The 990-N was formally launched February 4, 2008. For additional details,
scroll down and click on the page for E-Postcard/990-N.

Praise for www.form1023help.com

Great site...I needed to confirm a few things (second opinion)
and found your site to be an effective resource...Well done,
comprehensive & easy to follow. 
Dale Schroedetski, Recently I, Inc

This is really good! I'm sending it out on our list serve...Thanks for
your good work! 
Barbara Gerson
Financial Support for Nonprofit Management (NY)

I have filled out hundreds of these 1023s for charter schools, and
just when I thought I knew everything, I come across a very
helpful website.  Thanks for the hard work that went into this site. 
Phillip and Suzy Murray

I was greatly surprised to find such a terrific site!
Lois Songer

...the site is a keeper. Thanks.
Marty, LAMA Associates

Thank you for all of your information regarding the 501(c)(3)
application process.  The materials were extremely helpful!
N. Wulfers.

This is a fantastic resource! Our application (for a new school)
was all put together; after reading your inquiry letter information,
I was able to include a few additional documents that should help
us through without an inquiry on these points.
Meghan in Portland, OR

You have really adopted the essence of the Information Age:
giving out valuable information free to the public thereby
empowering people...
Josh Wagner

There are limits on how much information a website can provide.
Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application, an ebook by Sandy Deja,
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